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Niken Academy

Spoken Courses

Spoken Courses In Detailed

The objective of this course is to groom and empower students so that they can face the world confidently and fearlessly.

Professional English course at Niken Academy introduces the listener to diction, syllable stress, intonation and practice of tongue twisters.Muscles relaxation exercises are also a part of the syllabus. Students are also exposed to vowel and consonant sounds.

Basic level

  • The Basic level of spoken English will focus on boosting student's confidence, clarifying the basic concepts. The course will include some role plays and debates related to the real life situations.

  • Strengthening the fundamentals of grammar

  • Clarification of basic concepts

  • Improvement of reading skills

  • Role plays and debate on various situations related to daily life

  • Correct pronunciation and right sound

  • Basis Vocabulary (Used in day to day situation)

  • Sentence Formation

  • Voice Modulation

  • Personality Development

Advanced level

  • Removing Hesitation

  • Remove Stage Fear

  • Boosting Confidence

  • Improvement of reading skills

  • Power Pack Interactive Session

  • Dealing with Case Studies

  • Repo Building with family/friends/relative

  • Develop Creative Thinking

  • Fluency in English Language

  • Public Speaking

About Us

Our front runner Mr. Niken Patel felt the need of providing right direction to CA/CS and Commerce aspirants for examination preparations as early as in 2010.

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  • Bhagal, Surat

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Contact Details

  • Adajan, Surat

  • (+91) 7211108233

  • nikenacademy@gmail.com